Banana Choco Spring Rolls

Intermediate | Mild | 45 min | x2

Banana Chocolate Spring Rolls Mind blowing recipe using Rice Paper Wrapper in a different way ! A special treat for chocoholics ...


Banana Choco Spring Rolls ingredients
Coconut Milk 180ml
Rice noodles 50g
Coconut Sugar 2 Tsp
Spring Roll wrappers 4 sheets
Banana 1 piece
 Mango ½ piece
Chocolate with nuts 1 bar
Desiccated coconut 100g
Melted chocolate for topping 2 Tbsp


Green Curry

Combine coconut milk and rice noodles

Combine coconut milk, coconut sugar and rice noodles in a saucepan. Bring mixture to simmer over medium heat, stirring until sugar dissolves.

Banana Choco Spring Rolls

Prepare the rice paper

Place the rice paper wraps into warm water until soft and foldable. Then, blot them on a damp tea towel.

Banana Choco Spring Rolls

Place the filling

Place rice noodles, banana and mango strips and chocolate (broken in pieces) into the rice paper wraps. Mould each rice paper wrap gently to form a roll. Watch out as the rice paper will tear if not handled carefully!

Banana Choco Spring Rolls

Soak in coconut milk

Soak briefly each roll in coconut milk.

Banana Choco Spring Rolls

Coat with coconut powder

Coat each roll with desiccated coconut powder.

Banana Choco Spring Rolls


Serve with melted chocolate and crushed chocolate bits.